Courgettes Flower Gourmet

Chef Costantino Nuzzo @chefcosty92

Courgettes Flower Gourmet: Make a mix stuff with Philadelphia, sauce anchovies, chopped anchovies and chives. With a paping bag fill the flower. brush with tempura   the courgettes flower < tempura mix: corn flour,  plain flour and sparkling water, salt> and fry them at 140 degrees.

Boil the green courgettes and blend with a hand blender. Make a mash pie pure adding the white egg and egg yolk mixing separately with mash potato. Bring a paping bag, add a stamp flower and following add the mash pie.

Press the compote and after that u made couples of flower potato cook them into the oven at 180degrees for 8 mnts. For various decoration and taste I added salmon caviar, yellow courgettes (cut with parisien with variously size glazed and cook with water, butter and salt), powder of asparagus and lemon zest, basil oil.

Wine suggested: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi from Ancona