By Chef ALESSANDRO CIRCELLO Federazione Italiana Cuochi (FIC)Recipe has been presented at Rai1 TV program “Buongiorno Benessere”


Black rice g. 250 – Whole shrimp g. 400 – Lemon n.1 – Carrot g. 200 – Sedan g. 200 – Salt to taste – Oil extra virgin


Toast in the saucepan the shrimp heads with extra virgin olive oil combine ice and cold water to facilitate extraction inside the cooking liquid.
Toasted black rice in casserole with oil add boiling shrimp broth, thus preserving the recipe in the black rice cooking water favours digestion in cases of irritable reflux and intestines.

Apart from cooking the celery and carrots and cubes for a few minutes, take the lemon slices of julienne in hot water, cool in ice.


Shuffle the carrots by placing them on the base of the dish, keep the rice with shelled shrimp put at the end with a little crude oil, grate salt, add a few drops of lemon juice establishes the pharisaic antacid to the intestine. Finish with celery cubes devoid of filaments scorched in water before and lemon rind.